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The mission of the High Achievers Sales Mentoring / Coaching Program is to provide a dynamic learning atmosphere that provides a secure yet challenging environment for sales professionals to acquire and perfect their sales skills. High Achievers gets your sales skills to the next level by using Connect Selling™ a holistic repeatable approach that has worked for me for over 15 years.

High Achievers coaches you on how to maximize every deal potential and leave no dollars behind. High Achievers coaches you how to spot a real opportunity, revealing how your customers buy from you, and when the deals ready to forecast. My sales coaching allows for continued personal and professional growth by applying my passion and real world experiences so you can become the sales leader you know you are.

Every business and sales professional wants to increase their sales and make more money. High Achievers addresses your desire to produce more sales and maximize the return of investment on the training dollars that are so tight in every company. The High Achievers program shows you just how to identify every sales opportunity, qualify the real deals, not leave any money on the table, and close the sales faster than ever before. High Achievers helps you to overcome the fears of meeting new clients, getting appointments, presenting to the client, and how to ask for the order.

High Achievers Sales Mentoring / Coaching Program uses Connect Selling™ proven methodology of sales mentoring and sales management coaching that covers key areas such as:

  • Knowing your selling portfolio
  • Preparing for a customer meeting
  • Understanding How and Why your customers buy
  • Creating the perfect presentation
  • Defining your image for success

The program dives deeply into areas that allow you as a sales professional to see how all the pieces fit together in the sales process and how you get rewarded. From the operational standpoint of your company, to the perspective of the customer, to your own personal development as a sales professional, High Achievers Sales Mentoring / Coaching Program provides you with a comprehensive, fundamental understanding of the sales process.

This repeatable process generates increased sales, builds confidence, pushes the fears aside and enhances leadership skills in you and your sales staff. This in turn creates greater wealth and revenue streams for you and your companies.

Gina Kaelin-Westcott, National Association of Professional Women’s 2010 VIP Woman of the Year, has created a method that pulls together both client relationship-building skills and discovers your unique value offer into a system that can be implemented today for immediate results for client retention and increased sales. Gina delivers a high-impact, low-cost customized sales strategy for turbo-charging your business to great profits.
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Contact Gina Kaelin-Westcott for more information at 303.949.0882