Chief Sales Officer – for SMB On Demand!

Chief Sales Offer for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB) – On Demand!

The Need:

An Executive Sales person, but no budget to hire a full-time person

The Problem:

The sales team and their processes need guidance, but you don’t have the time to supervise them

The Solution:

What if you could partner with someone to help take you to the next level?

Your CSO Will

  • Create your strategic vision
  • ALIGNING SALES GOALS and actions to your company strategy
  • Coach, Motivate  and Manage your sales team so YOU can focus on your core business
  • Outline sales actions and metrics FOR each KEY RESULTS area
  • Provide an Executive dashboard

Your Results Are

  • INCREASED $ALES through laser-focused coaching
  • Improved PERFORMANCE in all aspects of your company
  • Developed sales reps into sales leaders
  • Partnership ACCOUNTABILITY to the sales team and YOU
  • 50% SAVINGS over hiring a fulltime employee

Chief Sales Officer Services are Value and Service Based