Energy Leadership Packages

Energy Leadership is specifically designed to enable individuals to shift their energy from the Catabolic range to the Anabolic range.  This shift has been documented in thousands of case studies and testimonials.  Coaching using the core energy process addresses individualized perspectives and intrinsic values, then works on obtaining buy-in to change behaviors. To sustain changes in energy, the process continues by helping indviduals integrate new perspectives, purpose, and personal goals with organizational culture and goals.

I’m offering you 3 packages to help you determine your “E”-Factor and get your energy back!

If you feel like you just want to dip your toe in and see what the energy is all about and what your Average Reasonating level is or your E-Factor, then the Basic package is for you.

Basic Package includes: The Energy Assessment:  $120.00

If you feel like you want to know more about what the assessment really means and get that personalized debrief about how your energy is showing up then lets Put you In Motion with:

Energy In Motion Package includes: The Energy Assessment, Personal Debrief and 1 Coaching Session $197.00

If your ready to go all in and know as much as you can about the Your Energy and how it shows up and ways to make it even better not only for you but those around you, then Energy Leadership is for you:

Energy Leadership Package includes: The Energy Assessment, Personal Debrief and 3 Coaching Sessions $397.00

I’m also including with any purchase for the next 24 hours:

Bruce D. Schneider’s book, “Energy Leadership” and a Connect Selling Journal.