Sales Training at Every Stage

  • Improved Retention
  • Value Message
  • Increased Sales

Connect Selling Sales StagesConnect Selling takes a very individualized approach to sales training. We work with you and your sales team at every stage in the sales cycle.  These stages have been developed for a relationship selling and a solution selling style.  We help you to identify where the sales challenges are and how to overcome to get your business growing now.

Connect Selling helps you to build your sales funnel or pipeline and allows you to identify how many opportunities you need to have at each stage of your selling process.  As you begin to track your sales results you will be able to identify your average deal size and what you need in your pipeline to achieve the short term and long term results for your business.

Connect Selling will work with you to review your selling process for each offering in your portfolio and determine your desired results associated with each service.  This will also allow you to review your results compared to your plan, what can you learn and what can you do differently in the future for optimal results.  Connect Selling stays with you every step of the way to deliver sales training that sticks and gets results!