Are You Still Chasing Prospects?

Do you love chasing prospects? Probably not, most people hate having to chase after prospects hoping they will buy a product or service. So how do we stop the chase? Start with these 3 questions which we call the decision process steps.

1) Does the client recognize there is a problem?
Recognition is the first step in understand the problem or challenge and recognizing the result is not changing. If the Prospect doesn’t think there is a problem you can stop right there.

2) Is the problem causing them pain, financial or personal?
Determining the extent of the discomfort, are they losing money, customers or both. Identifying exactly what the problem is costing them leads into the, “Is there a budget for solving the challenge?”

3) Is it a priority for them to fix?
Identifying where the problem is on the priority scale for them. I use the scale of 1-10, 1 meaning no problem at all to a 10 meaning, we can’t go another day with this problem which means they are ready for change and could be open to your product or service if it solves the challenge.

Using these 3 questions will help to uncover if your prospect is ready or open to your solution. These questions will allow you to stop chasing and focus on the prospects that are ready for you!

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