Sales Trainer Newsletter – November 2010


November 2010 Newsletter

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Vol I, Issue 2  
Are you Solving or Creating a Problem?

Be a Problem Solver   

When you meet with your clients are you creating more problems by being unprepared and not paying attention, or are you working to solve your clients business challenges? So how do you know if you can solve their business problems? 


Make sure you are asking the right questions by asking them what is important to them. What are their current projects and challenges that are associated with these projects.  What are your clients motivations for these projects? By listening at a higher level you can then start to determine how your offerings can begin to solve the problem at hand and work to satisfy the motivation for your clients.


Can you customize your offerings to better solve you clients problems?  If so determine how you can bring this to your clients, outline the benefits specific to your client.  The message needs to be tailored to your customers situation, not a cookie cutter approach. 
Your customer will become a raving fan if you solve their business challenge with unique approach customized for them.     
3 Helpful Tips

1) Be Prepared for your Clients  
Always be prepared for your client meetings with an agenda and desired outcome for your client.
2) Ask the Open-Ended Questions
Find out what they are working on, what type of challenges are they encountering, and what are the motivations they operate under, why is this important to them.
3) Customize the Solutions if Possible 
Based on the conversations you have with your clients, can you customize your solutions to better fit their business challenge, if so outline a benefits statement that solves the problem and motivation for your client.

International Women's Day
March 8, 2011
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  • Be a Problem Solver
  • 3 Helpful Tips
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"Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention."
                                    – Jim Rohn

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100 Reasons Why Value and Relationships Sell Every Time!


Reason #31

Work Proactively 


In the game of football, there are offensive and defensive plays. Which is easier? Well, if you plan well on offense, then the defense won’t have to work so hard. That theory plays out better in the business arena than the football field in some cases.

When you are on the offensive, the opportunities are limitless. You have a goal to work for and you can decide then how to approach the situation. There are fewer possibilities when you have to work from the other end.

Business Relationships Reactive vs. Proactive

This is a statement that is often true. When there is no problem, we don’t worry about it: “If it’s not broke, don't fix it". In order to add value to your client, it requires you start seeing things before they come to pass. Your job is to anticipate the outcomes. There are fewer fires to put out that way. 

Proactive Solves Problems

Look at these two situations: (1) A client needs new services from you every few months because they have outgrown what they are previously using. (2) A client is given all they need to grow on a certain path in their initial purchase from you. You hear from your client but it is to brainstorm on future opportunities.

Which situation is going to be less stressful? Which situation is going to make the client more satisfied? Option #2 will be a better fit every time.

Problem solvers work proactively for their clients, anticipating future needs now. Are you working proactive or reactive with your clients? What can you start doing today to move to a proactive role with your clients?

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