What’s in a Niche?

Do people have a hard time finding you, your product or service? Do people really understand what you provide or what makes you special in your market? I share with my clients that being all things to all people is probably not the best way to build a business, I use the term, “an inch wide and mile deep” is the best way to build a niche and your business. Here are 3 tips to help you focus in on the best niche.

Tip #1Research your competition. You’ve settled on a product or service to a specific target market now you need to research to see what the competition is doing? How many others are out there in your same market, it can be anywhere from a few to many.

What's in a Niche?

Tip #2 What’s unique about your product or service? Now that you’ve completed the research, how can you work to set yourself apart from others that are providing the same or similar product or service? What can you do differently that’s makes you the expert in your field?

Tip #3 Relevance to your audience, why is this important to them? What’s in it for them? How will your product or service solve their problem or make their lives better by saving time or money?

Having a Niche in the market that creates awareness and is easy for people to find you, understand what you have to offer and what’s in it for them are key ingredients to creating a niche that build a business.

The Power of Thank You!

The quickest and one of the most powerful way to strengthen a relationship is to send a personal hand written note after an initial meeting, receiving a referral or just to say thank you.  

We move in a world filled with emails, text messages, media and advertising with so much information coming at us we have become very selective about what we choose to read and take notice of.

People still long to see a handwritten note show up in their mailbox, they love what it represents.  The connection, thought and caring that goes into a handwritten note and for just a few cents you can make a huge difference in someone’s day by sending a handwritten note.

Keep a stack of blank cards with your company logo on the front and send off notes every day.  After you’ve met with someone send them a note the following day.  This activity takes about 10-15 minutes a day and can make a lasting impression on the recipient.   Just imagine if you could send 3 notes a day, 15 notes a week or 60 notes a month that will make a meaningful impression on your clients.

Make sure when sending a note to make it personal and mention something that resonates with their needs, challenges, desires and or family.   The notes don’t have to be lengthy just a couple of sentences to thank them for the referral or to invite them for lunch or coffee.  I still have notes that people have sent me from many years ago, because they were personal and resonated with me.  Taking a few minutes every day to send your handwritten personal notes that will make a memorable impression is just one step in building a referral business.

Never underestimate the power of the personal note it could be just what someone may need that day.

Parker Chamber Brown Bag Lunch & Learn

Brown Bag Lunch & Learn

Date &Time
11/29/11 at 11:30 AM  – 1:00 PM
Brown Bag Event
Topic: The Power of Thank You!
Presenters Gina Kaelin-Westcott with Connect Selling and Pam Terpenny with Just Call Pam will help you learn how appreciation and referrals will grow your business.
Cost: Free to Chamber members and Public – Bring your own brown bag lunch (optional)
Event Location

Arapahoe Community College Parker Campus
15653 Brookstone Drive
Parker CO 80134