What’s in a Niche?

Do people have a hard time finding you, your product or service? Do people really understand what you provide or what makes you special in your market? I share with my clients that being all things to all people is probably not the best way to build a business, I use the term, “an inch wide and mile deep” is the best way to build a niche and your business. Here are 3 tips to help you focus in on the best niche.

Tip #1Research your competition. You’ve settled on a product or service to a specific target market now you need to research to see what the competition is doing? How many others are out there in your same market, it can be anywhere from a few to many.

What's in a Niche?

Tip #2 What’s unique about your product or service? Now that you’ve completed the research, how can you work to set yourself apart from others that are providing the same or similar product or service? What can you do differently that’s makes you the expert in your field?

Tip #3 Relevance to your audience, why is this important to them? What’s in it for them? How will your product or service solve their problem or make their lives better by saving time or money?

Having a Niche in the market that creates awareness and is easy for people to find you, understand what you have to offer and what’s in it for them are key ingredients to creating a niche that build a business.

One Pager – A Conversation Starter

Having a one page brochure or post card that you can use as a conversation starter with your clients, will allow them to see what you offer.   Having this information with you and available to prospects creates instant conversation around some of the prospects challenges.   Instead of prospects or clients having to dig through your website to find out what you do, you can simplify the process and discussion with a one pager.    Critical components of a one pager include your logo, tag-line and contact information.   Also include in a bulleted format what you offer, group these into large categories, so you end up 3 or 4 at the most.  You don’t want to put everything on the card, just enough to peak the interest and get the conversation going.  The next important piece is the Results from working with you, what will they experience by working with you, talk about the transformation and use descriptive words that grab attention.  Now add in your picture and short paragraph about why you are the expert in your field.  Finally create a call to action what do you want prospects to do, call for an appointment or a free consultation?  Creating a one pager that you can use with clients and prospects will help to start your conversations and make it easy for your clients to get to know you better.

Monday Marketing – Where’s your Focus?

Old School thought is Focus on your Company and products and they will sell themselves.  New School thought is focus on the prospect’s problems instead.   Understanding how your product or service can work to solve  a prospects business challenge is more important than your company, you or the product itself.  It’s up to you to know how to discover the prospects issues and how to help solve them and demonstrate value.  Think about the questions you can ask that will get your prospect talking it’s about them, not you or your product. It’s all about your clients and what’s in it for them.