Right Questions Lead You to the Problem

When you meet with your clients are you creating more problems by being unprepared and not paying attention, or are you working to solve your client’s business challenges? So how do you know if you can solve their business problems?

Make sure you are asking the right questions by asking them what is important to them. What are their current projects and challenges that are associated with these projects. What are your client’s motivations for these projects? By listening at a higher level you can then start to determine how your offerings can begin to solve the problem at hand and work to satisfy the motivation for your clients.

Can you customize your offerings to better solve you client’s challenges? If so determine how you can bring this to your clients, outline the benefits specific to your client. The message needs to be tailored to your customer’s situation, not a cookie cutter approach.
Your customer will become a raving fan if you solve their business challenge with unique approach customized for them.

3 Helpful Tips

1) Be Prepared for your Clients

Always be prepared for your client meetings with an agenda and desired outcome for your client.

2) Ask the Open-Ended Questions

Find out what they are working on, what type of challenges are they encountering, and what are the motivations they operate under, why is this important to them.

3) Customize the Solutions if Possible

Based on the conversations you have with your clients, can you customize your solutions to better fit their business challenge, if so outline a benefits statement that solves the problem and motivation for your client.

The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.” — John Foster Dulles / Former Secretary of State