Sales Training Newsletter – October 2010


October 2010 Newsletter

Connecting with your Clients Today and Every Day!


Vol I, Issue 1  
What Are Your Clients Really Hearing?
Communication with Clients
When we communicate with our clients do we think ahead about the intent of the communication and what it is we really want to say to them?


Do you think about the value for your client that will be delivered by your message?
Often times we are in such a big hurry that we don't stop to think about how our message will be received or heard by our clients.  Just because we think our message makes sense, it may not to our customers.  Check for unintended consequences, could your message by received differently than you intended? Refine the message if needed to ensure your value is coming across to your clients.  Take a minute to put yourself in your clients shoes, does the intent and value stay intact? Make sure your communication is clear and meaningful every time, this eliminates misunderstands and multiple communications that can be viewed as annoying and unnecessary.

3 Helpful Tips


1) Prepare your Message
What is the intent of your communication? What Offer / Value will you deliver?
2) Draft your Message
Outline the message ahead of time and personalize it, define the purpose and value for your client.  Ensure it meets their needs.
3) Check for Consequences
Could your message be misinterpreted? Could your message be negative?  If so go back and refine the message, ensure the message is clear and any action is outlined with a timeframe if necessary.
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  • Communication with Clients
  • 3 Helpful Tips
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"Always come from a place of service and inspiration to help others you meet, it makes you memorable".

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